Art Noveau, Neo-Traditional Tattoos by Myra Brodsky

Art Noveau, Neo-Traditional Tattoos by Myra Brodsky

Myra Brodsky's Neo-Traditional Tattoos bring new life to the classic style.

In Berlin, Germany you can find a great many things that harken back to the days of old. From the grand, classical archway known as the Brandenburg Gate to the Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin is a city known for honoring its history and traditions.

Myra Brodsky is a tattoo artist at Berlin's Black Mirror Parlour and she specializes in neo-traditional tattoos that honor classic tattoos, while adding her own modern panache.

Brodsky began tattooing in 2008, and even opened her own shop, The Decay Parlour, in 2012. Since The Decay Parlour's closure in 2014, she has been sitting at The Black Mirror Parlour, gaining notoriety and praise for her art nouveau-inspired work.

Her work has been featured in many publications like Inked Magazine, Total Tattoo, and even on VICE Germany.

To see even more of her designs and work, follow her Instagram page and subscribe to her Facebook.

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