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Artist Spotlight: Adam Cornish's Cheerful Traditional

Artist Spotlight: Adam Cornish's Cheerful Traditional

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Who knew bold lines and bright colors could make you feel so warm and fuzzy inside?

For better or worse, most traditional tattoos out there are designed to look fierce or tough. Some artists avoid this cliche by going against the grain and using the style to render more jocular imager. This is the case with Adam Cornish, who describes his own work as "lighthearted traditional," which is entirely accurate: his work is simply some of the merriest around. 

In his approach to the traditional style, Cornish employs a mixture of line weights and heavily saturated coloration. His use of varying line work enables him to create very pronounced images with no shortage of intricate detail, and the denseness of his color palettes is part of what makes his body art so spirited and happy looking. The cute little fish above is a perfect example of how these techniques come together in his work to generate such an eye-catching and carefree aesthetic.

Cornish's portfolio is full of delicate and enjoyable imagery, such as flowers of all sorts, conch shells, lovely lady heads, songbirds, and more. Even when he illustrates subject matter on the more intense side of things, his work still retains an adorable edge, as seen in the charming little depiction of a viper. He also notably works with some eclectic iconography as well. His tattoo of a boot and the one of an inked up strongman are great examples of how unusual yet inviting his work can be. 

A very vibrant traditional rose by Adam Cornish (IG-adamcornishtattooer_otc). #AdamCornish #bold #bright #rose #traditional

If you'd like to have your spirits lifted by more of Cornish's body art, skip on over to his Instagram. He works at Oddfellows Tattoo Collective in Leeds, England should you desire a cheerful traditional piece of your own.

Ross Howerton
Written byRoss Howerton

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