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We turn the spotlight on this remarkable artist who creates astounding illustrative tattoos.

Maxime Buchi makes pristine geometric tattoos as well as top-notch illustrative black and grey. Beyond that, he also intermingles the two styles periodically to create lovely ornamented figures that have a Medieval air to them. Check out this awesome array of his work that shows what an astounding tattooist he is.

Buchi's illustrative work is wonderful. He renders traditional iconography such as ravens, skulls, and roses in incredible detail. His aesthetic has a gothic flare to it as well, which makes it ideal for darker imagery, and is also great for rendering Medieval stylized work. As demonstrated by some of his sleeves, his take on the black and grey style looks particularly good in large-scale.

His illustrative approach is particularly ideal for depicting traditional Christian imagery like his crosshatched torso-piece of the Last Supper and the knight slaying a dragon. His style gives these images a feeling of antiquity as well as authenticity. 

Buchi uses a variety of thicknesses in his line-work to create wonderful pieces of blackwork geometry. His minimalist technique produces lovely and complex interlinking and overlapping series of vectors and circles that are pleasurably distracting to the eye. 

A simply exquisite minimalist geometric back-piece by Maxime Buchi (IG—mxmttt). #backpiece #geometric #MaximeBuchi #minimalist

We hope you enjoyed this showcase of Buchi's amazing body art. If you want to see more of his work, follow him on Instagram. Also he tattoos at Sang Bleu in Zurich, Switzerland, so if you're in that part of Europe and want some geometric blackwork or a great spread of black and grey illustration, reach out to him for a consultation.

Ross Howerton
Written byRoss Howerton

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