Artist Spotlight: Ruslan Tsvetnov's Killer Traditional Tattoos

Artist Spotlight: Ruslan Tsvetnov's Killer Traditional Tattoos

Ruslan Tsvetnov is a master of the traditional tattoo, and his work stands out in its boldness.

Though many artists are practitioners of the traditional style, some stand out in the genre because of their tattoos' more pronounced qualities. One such tattooist is Ruslan Tsvetnov, who has taken this style to daring extremes to make a mark on the field. Check out these intense bangers and patchwork bodysuits by him.  

Tsvetnov's bangers are exceptionally vivid. He uses a mixture of intense line-work and solid coloring to make each one of his standalone pieces, which include critters, skulls, and lady heads, all impressive as well as powerful in their delivery.

Though his smaller tattoos rock, it's his collaged bodysuits of traditional tattoo iconography that kick the most ass. The sleeves and torso spreads in the surrounding images from his clientele illustrate just how smashing his work can be in large-scale when placed on wider expanses of skin. 

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We think Tsvetnov's work speaks loudly for itself, so we hope you enjoyed viewing it. If that's the case, you can follow him on Instagram, and should you be in Russia, he works at Love Life Tattoo in Moscow if you want to get some of his bold work on your body.

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