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Artist Spotlight: Stef Bastian

Artist Spotlight: Stef Bastian

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Wonderful and sometimes wacky traditional tattoos.

Simply put, Stef Bastian makes excellent traditional tattoos. He can deliver on numerous motifs and is flexible in terms of how he can navigate the style. All of his work — both in color as well as black and grey — is stunning. The best part is that he sometimes takes his subject matter to unexpected places, adding a little bizarre flare to his tattoos. Check out this little sample of his work that shows just how gifted Bastian is. 

It's hard to decide if his color or black and grey work looks better. His soft approach to the latter gives his illustrations a magical, almost silvery glow, while his vibrant use of chroma is equally stunning. The color palette on his skull in a top-hat, for instance, is killer. Either way, they all look great, especially when you take the time to look at the details. His use of both bold and fine lines is top-notch, and it allows him to bring out the beauty in all of his subject matter. 

His most captivating tattoos, however, are the ones that make it weird. Sometimes he includes surprising elements into his illustrations, such as the lady head with a monster's jaw underneath her veil. His role playing pinups are also a great example of how he likes to switch it up. At first you think it's a dragon, but then it's a fish. Okay, it's a dragon-fish. Didn't know those existed. Aside from oddities like that, some of his most engrossing tattoos are those of his stylized lady heads. Occasionally, he dresses them up in such intriguing ways as demonstrated by the drummer girl below.   

A little drummer lady via Stef Bastian (IG-stef_bastian). #drummer #ladyhead #StefBastian #traditional

If you want to see more of Bastian's outstanding traditional tattoos, hit up his Instagram. Lastly, he works at Royal Tattoo in Helsingør, Denmark if you want some of his body art for your own.

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