#ARTSHARE: 13 Fierce Paintings by Marius Meyer

#ARTSHARE: 13 Fierce Paintings by Marius Meyer

Tattooist Marius Meyer has borrowed from both the American and Japanese traditional styles to create phenomenal paintings.

Marius Meyer is not only a skilled tattooist, he also makes incredible fine art that takes after the American and Japanese traditional tattoo styles. The art of painting allows him to illustrate tattoo imagery like skulls and dragons on canvas more vibrantly than is possible on skin. 

As illustrated by the piece above, Meyer brings his skill at the American style to painting, rendering busts of eagles, lions, and wolves with exaggerated expressions in intense detail and color. Some of the traditional Japanese style even claws its way into this collage in the form of a horned dragon. It's cool how he has backgrounded the entire piece with spiderwebbing as well. Old school tattoos have never looked quite so fine.

As one can see in his tattoos of big cats, he also brings his abilities as an Irezumi artist to his work with a paintbrush. It's awesome how he's even done a monmon cat as part of his body of work as exemplified by the tiger with tattoos. His depictions of these alpha predators in this medium are fierce as well as exquisite.

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The best imagery that Meyer imports to painting from Irezumi are his dragons, and working with paint allows him to illustrate these mythical creatures with astonishing detail and rich coloration. In some of his dragon paintings he even uses the classic black backgrounding found in traditional Japanese tattoos. His coolest dragon paintings, however, are those in which there are other figures offsetting the fire-breathing beasts. His painting of the grim reaper riding a dragon is, to put it simply, too badass for words.

We hope you liked touring this virtual museum exhibit. If you want to see more of Meyer's paintings as well as some of his tattoos, check out his Instagram. Also, he lives and works in Oslo, Norway if you want to buy one of his paintings or get some of his excellent art on your body.

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