#ARTSHARE: All Of Your Favorite Cartoons by Annie Burkhard

#ARTSHARE: All Of Your Favorite Cartoons by Annie Burkhard

This tattooer is putting an artistic spin on some of the all-time best cartoon characters.

Annie Burkhad of Artistic Skin Designs in Indianapolis, Indiana's isn't just an artistic skin designer. In fact, while we absolutely love the tattoos she makes, her of-the-moment, cartoon-inspired fine art pieces are giving her tattoo work a serious run for their money. 

An obvious cartoon enthusiast, tattooer Annie Burkard is immortalizing her artistic stylings in another way — on wood. By rendering our favorite, most hilarious cartoon characters onto beautiful, organic wood slices — she's accomplishing two things: she's pulling at our heartstrings, because c'mon, who doesn't have some sort of deep emotional connection to Tina Belcher, and she's pulling at our wallets. Literally, take my money, Annie. I'd like to commission an entire Bob's Burgers collection, immediately. 

Most of her wood slices feature images of characters from King of the Hill or Bob's Burgers, but don't worry, after reviewing Burkhard's extensive tattoo portfolio consisting of The Simpsons, Futurama, Gravity Falls and even Regular Show — I think it's safe to assume that she'll be adding some more of our beloved characters to her fine art repertoire any day now. 

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