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#ARTSHARE: Beautiful Ballpoint Illustrations by Mary Joy

#ARTSHARE: Beautiful Ballpoint Illustrations by Mary Joy

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This talented artist uses vintage handkerchiefs as canvas for flash inspired illustrations

Handkerchiefs have long since been a symbol of high society and proper etiquette, often denoting one’s socio-economic status by the materials used. Often dainty and delicate in nature, handkerchiefs have never been considered fantastic or even particularly notable, until now. Artist Mary Joy, a tattooist out of Ed Hardy’s famed shop, Tattoo City, is using vintage handkerchiefs as a canvas for her flash inspired artwork.

Using nothing more than a ballpoint pen, Joy’s handkerchiefs depict Victorian inspired women, as well as classic flash imagery like daggers, hearts, and skulls. The contrast of the vintage handkerchief, lace, and jarring illustrations is bringing a whole new meaning to the term facial tissue.

To see more of Mary Joy's work you can visit her Instagram.

Alex Wikoff
Written byAlex Wikoff

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