#ARTSHARE: Cezilia Hjelt

#ARTSHARE: Cezilia Hjelt

Looking to add a touch of hell to your humble abode? These dark paintings by one of Sweden's best might be just the thing your mantle needs

For the sake of transparency, we will be frank: Cezilia Hjelt makes some weird ass shit. Now, that’s not to say we don’t absolutely love her work, but there’s no denying that it’s a bit ghoulish. Known for her traditional meets illustrative black and grey tattoos, which deal heavily with subjects like demons, possession, cursed souls, and even the occasional human sacrifice, Hjelt’s work as a tattoo artist is phenomenal. But did you also know she’s an incredibly talented fine artist? It’s true. Using similar subject matter as her tattoos, Hjelt’s fine art deals heavily with haunting landscapes and the creatures that inhabit them.

Horned by Cezilia Hjelt (via IG-cezilia_gbgclassictattooing) #artshare #fineart #spooky #painting #CeziliaHjelt

Preferring canvas and acrylic paint as her medium of choice, Hjelt’s fine art deals with the usual demonic monstrosities and curses we’ve come to expect from her work, but while the subject matter used is nothing new, the colors are. As a tattoo artist, Hjelt works exclusively in black and grey ink, making the addition of color (even if incredibly subtle and muted) so refreshing in her fine art. 

Muted hues of golden yellow, blood red, and earthy browns find their way into her work, and the level of depth that just that slight hint of color brings is astounding.  Suddenly, the sorrow in the possessed woman’s eyes is just as evident as the spider on her face, just as a lust for chaos and destruction can be seen looming in the whites of the demon’s eyes. Interestingly enough, Hjelt doesn’t always work with canvas. She has been known to paint over antique prints, often reworking infants in the image of a small demon, and bringing a whole new level of meaning to the piece.

While Hjelt is based out of Sweden, fear not, as all of her original paintings are available for purchase via her Instagram and ship worldwide. If you’re in the market for your next art purchase, and are looking to add a certain level of demonic possession to your humble abode, we’d highly recommend Hjelt’s fine art for all your satanic needs.

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