#ArtShare: Chelsea Shoneck

#ArtShare: Chelsea Shoneck

You probably know her as the woman that brought you the sexy velociraptor scientist, but don't pigeonhole Shoneck just yet.

We like to think of Chelsea Shoneck, the woman that brought you the incredibly bizarre animal pin ups of yesteryear as a sort of mad scientist. Girl has an uncanny ability to reimagine everyday people, animals, pinups and the like to create something truly unique, and when we say unique, we mean some of the strangest art we’ve ever come across. That’s not to say we don’t love it, as Saint Lydia once said, “I myself am strange and unusual.” In short, we think she’s one of the kookiest, most brilliant artists we’ve ever come across, and her flash art is no exception.

Shoneck is perhaps best known for her beautiful neo-traditional work, and while it isn’t always the most conventional, you’d be hard pressed to find a person alive that wasn’t totally intrigued by it. Along with her lovely alternative lady heads, whose beautiful tendrils of forest green, bubble gum pink, and snow white seem to spiral on forever, Shoneck is also prone to Frankenstein-ing the occasional animal. 

While the neo-traditional style is crawling, swimming, and hopping with animals of every variety, we’ve yet to see anyone come up with anything close to resembling Shoneck’s creatures. Cute frogs with rabbit heads, wild tigers with a deceptively sweet bunny head, and cardinals with — you guessed it — a bit of rabbit genome to them smatter her flash. Shoneck is a mad scientist at heart, but instead of monstrous creatures, hers are ethereal and otherworldly, colored with a beautiful gradient of pastel and earth tones.

So while you may have been first introduced to her as the woman that gave you the sexy velociraptor scientist, don’t be too quick to judge the rest of her portfolio. Shoneck’s neo-traditional women, animals, and hybrids are absolutely out of this world — truly.

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