ARTSHARE: Chelsea Shoneck

ARTSHARE: Chelsea Shoneck

Take a look at Shoneck's alternative version to neo-traditional work

Chelsea Shoneck has the unique ability to take a really bizarre and unusual subject and make it incredibly beautiful. We’ve written about her Frankenstein’d animals before, as well as her shockingly unusual animal/human hybrid pin-ups, and there’s genuinely no denying Shoneck’s natural talent for neo-traditional work. 

Based out of The Torchbearer in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, she brings new life to the neo-traditional style which also translates to her flash art. With a preference for the strange and beautiful, Shoneck takes on fabled animals, enigmatic ladies, and an alternative version to standard neo-traditional work.

One look at Shoneck’s work and it’s plain to see that she’s got a thing for beautiful oddities. While this clearly manifests itself in her bunny/fish hybrids, which are just another testament to her creative abilities, her lady heads are just as imaginative and queer as their animal counterparts. 

While every woman she creates is absolutely stunning, with pastel hair and an incredibly rare beauty, each one also has another layer that denotes an air of mystery or sadness. Whether it be a siren lost at sea, a suicidal woman slitting her own throat, or a rotting corpse that’s made a friend in a tiny mouse, each woman is unique — a quality that often goes overlooked in lady head pieces, as it’s so easy to default to a specific bone structure or facial features.

But what ties all of her work together is her full understanding of color theory and pairings. Shoneck likes things bright, but there’s a method to her madness. Pairing each shade with its color wheel opposite, she’s able to make each piece pop with contrast. 

If you’re not in the New England area, you’re in luck, as all of Shoneck’s prints are available for purchase via her website. Your days of longing for a bit of her neo-traditional work are over.

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