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#ARTSHARE: Deanna Richmond

#ARTSHARE: Deanna Richmond

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Art for the grown up goth girl.

We all grow up at some point, even goth girls, and once you’ve graduated onto bigger and better things than Hot Topic leopard print pants, where else does one buy their grown up goth clothes? As any grown up goth girl knows — Deandri, duh. Created by Deanna Richmond, Deandri’s aesthetic is what we would imagine a very chic, twenty-something Wednesday Addam’s closet might look like. In fact, the clothing line has become so popular, that it’s warranted a second Instagram devoted entirely to illustrations of Deandri’s designs.

Illustrating exclusively in graphite pencil (or, you know, technology’s version of a graphite pencil, as she actually uses an iPad to illustrate everything), Richmond’s work is uncommonly beautiful. Pale girls with doll-like features and pitch black hair are the subjects of her work, and their unique quirks the intrigue. Girls with widow’s peak bangs, Frankenstein inspired scars and neck bolts, and Creature of the Black Lagoon babes can all be found modeling various Deandri garb. Bondage also plays a huge role in her work. Girls drawn bound by rope are frequent subjects, furthering the overall “deviant” aesthetic that Deandri is so well known for. But perhaps what’s most intriguing about Richmond’s illustrations are the features she gives her girls. Plumped lips, a smattering of freckles, and eyelashes that rival Kim Kardashian’s, Richmond’s ladies are absolutely breathtaking.

Some of Richmond’s work is even available for purchase on the Deandri website in the form of temporary tattoos, patches, and playing cards. We’d like to think that her artwork is a little more refined than plastering an unframed Marilyn Manson poster on your living room wall, however tempting that might be. So whether you’re a baby goth, a goth in training, or someone who remembers a time when Rose McGowan was the goth queen, Richmond’s work might be right up your alley.

Alex Wikoff
Written byAlex Wikoff

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