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#ARTSHARE: Deerjerk

#ARTSHARE: Deerjerk

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The hand-carved woodcuts of Brynn Perrott

Cutting, carving, sanding, scraping — such is the work of artist Deerjerk, otherwise known as Bryn Perrott. Combining elements of flash art and printmaking, Perrott’s woodcuts have become wildly popular in recent years. Amassing a following of 53K on Instagram, and garnering celebrity fans like Laura Jane Grace of Against Me!, who even has a tattoo of one of her woodcuts, Perrott’s work is undeniably unique.

Working out of her West Virginia studio, her cuts are all hand carved, and tend to mimic flash art in both style and subject. Often focusing on animals, ghoulish figures, and the occult her work is recognizable by its distinct ornateness, decorating her subjects with intricate patterns, hearts, and flowers.

A printmaker by schooling, Perrott doesn’t consider herself a woodworker, surprisingly. In an interview with The Hairpin, Perrot says, “my background is in printmaking. The woodcarving process is just relief carving, which is what you use in printmaking...I don’t call myself a woodworker, because I have no idea how to build a table. I don’t know how wood behaves, but I’m a printmaker without the printmaking.”

Perrott’s work is available through her website, but to be the first to see when new pieces are available, follow her Instagram! Her handmade work is only available in limited runs, and is so beautiful that it tends to sell out in a matter of hours.

Alex Wikoff
Written byAlex Wikoff

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