#ARTSHARE: New School Insanity by Dave Tevenal

#ARTSHARE: New School Insanity by Dave Tevenal

Intense illustrations of Japanese motifs done in a playful style.

Dave Tevenal is one hell of an artist. Not only does he make some awesome body art in the neo-traditional and new school styles, he also creates radical illustrations, too. Though he's drawn everything from Marvel superheroes and villains to Street Fighter characters, some of his best work on paper is of classic Japanese motifs like dragons, hannyas, and samurai. The coolest part of his drawings of figures handed down by Irezumi is that he renders them to look like cartoons, giving them more animated features than their traditional counterparts.

Tevenal is an artist that strikes a fine balance between quality and quantity. He produces both tattoos and other illustrations virtually every day of his life. "Art saved my life. Tattooing established my life as I now know it. It has brought me everything I hold near and dear. It has shown me the coasts of far away lands," Tevenal said in reference to his recent book of prints, Threshold: Battles Within. "All of this was attainable through my feverish and tireless work through illustrating for tattoo-related imagery." His work is remarkable for its incredible level of detail and the sheer amount of it he creates. He is, in short, incredibly prolific.

Because he creates art on such a regular basis, turning out several pieces like these every week, Tevenal has even started live streaming the process on social media quite frequently, so you can even tune in to watch him make illustrations, which is extremely fascinating to take in. It's flabbergasting to witness the speed with which he produces imagery so intricate and colorful. Looking at his figures like his Monkey King and samurai rat, one would think that he invests days into each one's creations. However, he composes such works of art in mere hours. It's simply astonishing.

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Akuma from Street Fighter by Dave Tevenal (IG--davetattoos). #Akuma #DaveTevenal #illustrations #newschool #StreetFighter

If you want to see some of Tevenal's tattoos as well as more of his incredible illustrations, hit up his Instagram. He also does his live streams there, which are riveting to watch. Should you want a tattoo from him, he works at Red Baron Ink in NYC. 

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