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#ARTSHARE: Oil Paintings by Claudia Ducalia

#ARTSHARE: Oil Paintings by Claudia Ducalia

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You've seen what she can do with a tattoo machine, now see how talented she is with some oils and a brush.

Claudia Ducalia is first and foremost an artist, but what type of artist depends on what day it is, and what mood she happens to be in. Tattooing out of Rome’s Mater Medusa Tattoo shop, Ducalia’s tattoo portfolio consists of beautifully ornate and intricately detailed neo-traditional work that often features women as the main subject matter. Characterized by beautifully bright colors, dark outlines, and a proclivity for bewitching women, Ducalia’s tattoos lie somewhere in the realm of the occult meets classic childhood fables. Visions of fortune tellers, the rising sun and a setting moon in the shape of a woman’s head, and bold and brash pirates find their way into her visually stunning work. And while her tattoos tend to feature distinctly bold outlines and incredibly vibrant color, her paintings tend to have a much more wistful feeling to them, one of mystery and perhaps a touch of melancholy.

Using a combination of oil paints on canvas, Ducalia creates positively enchanting women, each tied in with nature in some shape or another. Ducalia says that this underlying theme for her fine art is what inspires her. “My iconography basically is created in virtue of the archetype about ‘the eternal feminine who draws us ever onward and upward,'" Ducalia explains. "This is a concept that has always been persistent in my imagination.” 

From painting to painting, Ducalia hints in her belief that through roots, wings, eyes, and fingers, we are all in some way connected to the earth. This can easily be seen in her depiction of the orchid woman, who has literal roots growing forth from her legs, just as the moth woman raises her arms to spread her wings, another nod to humanity’s connection to the earth. Even the small, unassuming little girl holding the one eyed cat seems to share her line of vision with the disabled creature, both staring with a hauntingly fixed gaze. But perhaps what is most beautiful about Ducalia’s fine art is its ability to convey a message without appearing overly transparent. Consider her work refined hippie art for the grown up tree hugger in the absolute best way possible.

Alex Wikoff
Written byAlex Wikoff

Staff Writer at Tattoodo. I have a three legged cat that drools.

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