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#ARTSHARE: Original Tattoo Flash Prints by Yukitten'me

#ARTSHARE: Original Tattoo Flash Prints by Yukitten'me

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Cheeky Cartoonish Creations by the Artist Couple Yukitten'me

The best part about flash art is that it is often jovial and lighthearted. While “serious” art that takes on darker themes is all well and good, flash art is, at its core, an incredibly fun and playful art form that takes on cheerful and more carefree themes, that’s sure to put a smile on your face. We’re always fans of tattoo artists’ flash art, but there’s something intrinsically interesting about flash artists that aren’t tattoo artists, as often their work seems to take on different themes that sometimes tend to “bend the rules,” if you will. Artists Gillie and Debbie of Australia’s Yukitten’me are breathing new life into their fantastic flash.

While some of the themes and subjects represented in their work are typical of flash art, like kewpie dolls, portraits, daggers, the way they’re illustrated is what’s truly unique. With wide eyes, exaggerated lines, and flawless gradients, their work is more cartoon-ish than anything, and who doesn’t love a good cartoon? Everything, from their portrayal of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz to the perfection that is their April O’Neil flash is, for lack of a better phrase, on point. With cheeky pop culture references abound, Yukitten’me’s work is absolutely delightful.

You can see more of Yukitten’me’s cheeky work on their Instagram.

Alex Wikoff
Written byAlex Wikoff

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