ARTSHARE: Soft & Beautiful Graphite Drawings by Cally-Jo

ARTSHARE: Soft & Beautiful Graphite Drawings by Cally-Jo

Grit N Glory's Golden Girl Takes on Fine Art

When tattoo artists take on fine art something wonderful happens. Sometimes it resembles their personal tattoo style preference, and sometimes it looks nothing like it, but one thing is for sure: it’s always interesting. Based out of New York’s Grit N Glory, artist Cally-Jo’s tattoo work focuses primarily on stylized black and grey work, occasionally teetering on realism, and her fine art is just as incredible.

Using nothing more than a fine graphite pencil, her fine art is highly detailed, portraying subjects like a skeletal bride and groom, an anatomical heart, and the occasional celebrity. Something about her work, perhaps the intricacy or subject matter, is darkly romantic and alluring, but perhaps the most curious detail of her fine art is that she often uses vintage envelopes as her canvas. A love letter, of sorts, to her craft.

You can see more of Cally-Jo's work here.

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