#ARTSHARE: The Art of Mathew

#ARTSHARE: The Art of Mathew

Eroticism in Art Is More Than Just Smut

Eroticism has been prevalent in the art world for quite some time, dating all the way back to Greek and Roman art, and even the Paleolithic era. Can you imagine what naughty cave paintings must have looked like? Although it's been around for awhile, erotica has developed into something quite different nowadays, often times paving the way for radical feminist movements that take care in claiming female sexual liberation as well as empowerment.

Artist Mathew is of the erotic art genre, often calling on porn stars, SuicideGirls, pin ups, and even cosplayers as his muses. What’s interesting about his art is that unless you did your research and actually knew each and every one of his subjects, the porn star, pinups, and cosplayers are all relatively indistinguishable. Teetering the line between smut and art, Mathew’s work depicts women of all shapes, sizes, and professions in the same general state of undress. Sure, some women are a bit more nude than others, but as far as positions go, it really is an even playing field with porn stars, burlesque queens, and pinups all striking similar poses that seem to be aware of the male gaze, and yet, completely disenchanted by it. 

Titillated? You can see more of Mathew’s work here.

If you’re looking for more insane artists, be sure to check out the tag #ArtShare for everything fine art.

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