#ARTSHARE: The Haunting Paintings of Shawn McDonald

#ARTSHARE: The Haunting Paintings of Shawn McDonald

McDonald draws influence from Carvaggio, DaVinci, and your worst nightmares to create unforgettable works of art.

Shawn McDonald is a painter, a tattooer, a musician and more, so it's only fitting that he considers Leonardo DaVinci to be one of his greatest influences. McDonald is our version of a Renaissance man. Today we're going to turn our attention on to the Colorado-based artist's paintings. 

Considering that he is skilled in so many different arts, it is no surprise that McDonald's paintings cover a wide range of genres. Some of his paintings are inspired by pop culture, some by the work of the Old Masters, and others seem to draw influence from fairy tales. 

The mediums in which McDonald works are just as varied. Acrylic, watercolor, oils — he's a master of them all. Anybody can paint with a bunch of different paints, but it takes a masterful artist like McDonald to understand which materials should be used to depict certain subject matters. When rich and deep tones are needed, as in his self portrait, McDonald wisely chooses to work in oils. When he needed to replicate the warm brightness of a children's illustration, McDonald knows to reach for those watercolors. This may seem like a very simple skill, but too often than not artists fail to choose properly. 

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Sometimes it's the little flourishes that McDonald includes in his work that makes it stand out, like the way that he incorporated his signature right into the painting above. It's a very minor detail, but for some reason it draws the viewer in and gives them a more intimate connection with the artist. 

Shawn McDonald has a little something for everyone, no matter what your desire is. Check out all of his work, including his tattoos, on his Instagram. 

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