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#ARTSHARE: Timothy Hoyer's Paintings are Not of This World

#ARTSHARE: Timothy Hoyer's Paintings are Not of This World

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Check out these incredible tattoo-inspire pieces of fine art.

Timothy Hoyer makes intense paintings that borrow their iconography from the world of tattoos. As a veteran tattooist as well as visual artist, he uses his familiarity with imagery from the traditional style to create fantastic depictions of figures such as grim reapers, mermaids, and big cats. Check out this virtual museum exhibit of his phenomenal work.  

Much of Hoyer's body of work centers around the theme of death. Some of the gory imagery that he produces is so unsettling that it almost makes us look away in shock. His reapers, however, are absolutely badass, and we love how he compliments these scythe-wielding skeletons with other gruesome imagery like severed heads and monsters. Even when in the shadow of death, his depictions of ladies are breathtaking, and it's awesome how they have many features of the classic pinup motif in traditional tattoos.

Though his illustrations are all killer, our favorite paintings by Hoyer are of big cats. He captures the natural prowess of these large felines perfectly in the way he postures their muscular bodies. What's even cooler is how he sometime depicts these ferocious beasts in surreal ways, superimposing them against deep space and nebulas. The one in which a tiger is pushing against a snake-vomiting skull while a tornado rips a farmhouse to pieces is incredibly sublime. We don't even know where to begin interpreting its meaning.

A collage of Timothy Hoyer's (IG—timothyhoyer) badass big cat paintings. #fineart #intense #painting #TimothyHoyer

We hope you found Hoyer's fine art as intense as we did. If you want to see more of his radical paintings as well as some of his body art, check out his Instagram. Also, he lives in Brooklyn, NY and tattoos in the surrounding area, so if you want a tattoo from him or to purchase one of his paintings, reach out to him at

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