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#ARTSHARE: Welcome to Hell with Cezilia Hjelt

#ARTSHARE: Welcome to Hell with Cezilia Hjelt

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Abandon all hope all ye who enter here.

Cezilia Hjelt creates some of the most beautiful depictions of the underworld around. Looking at her paintings is like venturing back into the Late Middle Ages, when hell seemed more of a reality than a construct. The best word to describe her work is Dantean, because, like Virgil, she leads you through the gates of hell and down its nine circles right to its icy floor. Say your final prayers, but it may be too late, because its time to venture into a lake of fire.

Some sinners being lapped up into Satan's maw by Cezilia Hjelt (IG—cezilia_gbgclassictattooing). #artshare #CeziliaHjelt #Dantean #fineart #hell #Satanism

Hjelt seems to be possessed by this sort of devilish iconography. Most of her painting portfolio is full of fire and brimstone, as are many of tattoos that she creates. The majority of her paintings, drawings, and other illustrations feature demons, sinners, and even Satan himself. By depicting these scenes and figures from hell, she is actually taking part in a long tradition in the arts, dating all the way back to the medieval period. An interesting theme underlies of this disturbing yet captivating imagery, one of bad people getting what's coming to them in a great scheme of cosmic justice, enforced by some of the scariest creatures ever imagined.

One of the most interesting aspects of her depictions of the underworld is that she does them in a number of mediums. For example, here there are refined paintings that appear as if they were done by  Hieronymus Bosch, drawings that look like they were taken from a twisted children's book, as well as more impressionistic portraits of various demons and other monstrosities. She has a knack for fitting her nightmarish work in complimentary frames to accent her infernal imagery.

Should you like to see more of the horrors that lurk below, descend into her Instragram. She works at Göteborg Classic Tattooing in Göteborg, Sweden, if you want some of her equally dark body art. She sells and ships all her paintings and can be reached at

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