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As Thin As Thread: Fine Line Tattoos

As Thin As Thread: Fine Line Tattoos

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These fine line tattoos are so delicate; they are beautiful whispers of ink.

At its core fine line is an illustrative varying the weights and thickness of line an artist can truly create depth and movement within a piece. And you can certainly tell that from the pieces in this collection. From dark Chicano inspired pieces by Illegal Tattoos that are evocative of old school religious illustrations to ColdGray's sculptural angel...and even Robert Pavez' natural landscapes...each of these is a perfect epitome of fine line tattooing...each has it's own style, aesthetic, and concept of design, but each uses the lightness of line to ensure a powerful piece.

Fine line tattoos are steeped in past art movements....And although you may not realize it, or even think about it as you head off to get your new tattoo, each aspect of tattooing, including styles, machinery, and famed iconography, all has it's own history. In some of our guides we talk about the history of Chicano tattooing; how Los Angeles was shaped by prison and underground culture, and in the end was able to rise above adversity to emerge with an aesthetic all their own. In the guide for Illustrative Tattoos, we talk about how old masters of the Renaissance era put forth techniques and philosophies that artists still use today...and each of these styles definitely contributes to the technique of fine line.

The wonderful thing about tattoo art is that there is something for everyone; fine line tattoos, super refined and delicate, may not be your thing, but we can bet that if you're interested in Blackwork, your tattooist may borrow some inspiration of technique or concept from that. But even if they don't, Tattoodo is here to put you in contact with an artist who can perfectly develop your dream tattoo...and not only that, but we're here to help you care for it, build upon it, and help you become an integral part of the community through events and more!

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