As White as Snow: White Ink Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

As White as Snow: White Ink Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

These white ink tattoos show what a bright highlight can do to make a piece shine.

White ink tattoos have been a source of fascination, and frustration, since artists began using the ink in the first place. Although the ink looks beautiful when used by itself, or as highlights, it takes a little extra special care and thought. Although ink allergies are much lower, statistically, than many people think, the

horror stories

associated with white ink tattoos seem to make an imprint. In reality, white ink tattoos have some qualities that make them highly distinctive and something that continue to enthrall and inspire.

This collection of white ink tattoos show what a bright highlight can do to make a piece shine but also show that, even if used by itself, these incredible creations are really something different and cool.

Mirko Sata

is known for using white ink to illustrate his famous snake designs. The end product, when healed, is like a ghost or takes one by surprise and is in perfect harmony with the sly little snakes.

Watsun Atkinsun

's gorgeous tribal pattern designs also become endowed with a new aesthetic feel when his heavy blackwork is matched with, or replaced, by white ink. The piece we pulled of his for this selection of white ink tattoos looks brutal now, but when healed it will have the effect of a delicate ornamental shadow. Noticeable, but subtle. And if you've ever seen blackwork tattoos decorated with white ink, you'll know just how

powerful pieces

like that can be.

White ink tattoos, although not surprising, does not just include pieces done

entirely in white ink

. Many artists use the ink for highlights, especially for old school designs, as well as an integral part of the color scheme. What would

Danny Piedra

's cute astronaut be without the signature white space suit? Or

Phil Garcia

's lush purple and white realistic rose? These particular white ink tattoos need white ink in the color story to make the designs pop, but also because other colors just may not have made the most sense. Other artists use white ink sparingly for highlights and details, and although you may not really notice it, imagine the design without that little touch of pearlescent glow. It just wouldn't be the same!

So, yes, white ink tattoos can come with the responsibility of a little extra care, but really we think that if you're spending money on a tattoo in should probably already be giving it a little extra care. Remember that the healing process is just as, if not more, important than the design and tattooing process. If you want that gorgeous tattoo to remain gorgeous forever, make sure to treat it with some serious TLC.

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