Astounding Sleeves by Jacob Pedersen

Astounding Sleeves by Jacob Pedersen

It takes a true master to effortlessly jump from one style to another, and Jacob Pedersen is more than up for the challenge.

The discordant style of trash-polka is one of the most exciting genres of tattoos taking off in the 21st century, and Jacob Pedersen is at the cutting edge of this avant-garde approach to the art form. His execution of this style is so refined because he is a master of a myriad of tattooing styles — geometric, portraits, watercolor, etc. That mastery is absolutely essential if you are hoping to work in this eclectic style. Check out this handful of sleeves that illustrate the incredible stylistic range of his work. 

The bizarreness of Pedersen's trash-polka body art leaves us awestruck. There is a captivating element of controlled chaos to them that induces a feeling of franticness even though they are clearly fixed images. The mixture of abstract figures like pure geometric and more illustrative ones such as flowers, unicorns, compasses, and gauges produces a very frenetic and almost crazed atmosphere in each of these sleeves. However, it is a pleasurable madness to take in. The more definitive images draw you in only to leave you ungrounded and floating at their juxtaposed extremities. They are a bit of a rollercoaster as far as a viewing experience goes. 

While we admire his large-scale trash-polka tattoos the most, his work in black and grey realism is equally astounding and remarkable. Depending on his subject matter, he exercises different levels of intensity in terms of shading. For instance, his tribute sleeve to The Nightmare Before Christmas is decidedly dark, while his nature scene of a hawk diving on a field mouse, on the other hand, is much softer, creating the effect of daylight. What makes his realism so incredible, however, is the sheer amount of detail that he packs into his tattoos. You can see every tiny bit of intricate decoration on the kabuto (samurai's helmet) above. In short, whether you like your body art weirdly experimental or solidly conventional, he's the man.

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If you're interested in being perplexed by more of Pedersen's portfolio, then make you way over to his Instagram. If you want some of his insanely good work for yourself, he tattoos all over the world and can be reached for bookings at

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