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Astronaut Tattoos Make Us Want To Get the Hell Off of This Planet

Astronaut Tattoos Make Us Want To Get the Hell Off of This Planet

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Going into space is an impossible dream for most of us, and we hate that

This world seems to be an awful place that gets worse every day, all it takes is a quick glance at the news  to confirm this suspicion. It’s enough to make a guy want to just leave this planet. Sadly, this is such a costly option at present that it seems like we are all firmly stuck on Earth. There are a select few who get to live this dream, albeit temporarily. Today, in honor of our frustrations with being imprisoned on this stupid planet, we’re taking a look at some astronaut tattoos.

Becoming an astronaut is, at present, a huge pain in the ass. There’s just so much you have to go through, namely the government. Thousands have chased the dream wholeheartedly, and the majority have been left in the dust.

Remember the days of traditional astronauts? By Francesco Giamblanco (via IG -- tattooers_united) #FrancescoGiamblanco #astronaut #astronauttattoo

18 Artistic Solar System Tattoos

If these astronaut tattoos just make you want to go into space even more than before, well, we honestly don’t have any good suggestions as to how exactly to remedy this. All we know is that Elon Musk better hurry the fuck up and get us to Mars because this planet is played out.

Servo Jefferson
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