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At Black Veil Tattoo, Every Day is Halloween

At Black Veil Tattoo, Every Day is Halloween

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Meet the new witches of Salem, Massachusetts: Tattoo artists Ryan and Matthew Murray

Salem and its surrounding areas have long been a breeding ground for the occult, witchy, and macabre. Everywhere you turn there’s a 17th century gravestone, a tree that was once used to hang an accused witch, or one of the eerie original houses used during the Salem Witch Trials. The modern day inhabitants of the area stay true to the community’s heritage, while keeping up eerie appearances. Some of its most notable inhabitants are none other than Ryan and Matthew Murray of Black Veil Studio.

Identical twins, masters of the macabre, and frighteningly talented duo, Ryan and Matthew are truly carving out a name for themselves. A glance at their portfolio denotes the slight style difference between the two. While Matthew specializes in realistic horror portraits and macabre scenes, Ryan is an expert of Victorian inspired pieces that are both horrifying and mesmerizing. Together they make up Black Veil Tattoo, a studio that delights in “realism and Victorian inspired macabre illustrations," and may we just say: Wow.

You can see more of Ryan and Matthew's work on their Instagram.

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Written byAlex Wikoff

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