Atlanta Falcons Fan Gets Preemptive 'Super Bowl LI Champs' Tattoo

Atlanta Falcons Fan Gets Preemptive 'Super Bowl LI Champs' Tattoo

This time we don't even have to wait to see if the prediction comes to true to know that it's a horrible tattoo.

When the Atlanta Falcons take on the New England Patriots on February 5, 2017, it will be for the right to call themselves Super Bowl Champions. The winner will go down in history as the best team in the NFL for the 2016 season, and the other will just pack up their bags and go home as a loser. Second best. Runner-up. 

The Falcons have a lot riding on this game. They've never won a Super Bowl before and quarterback Matt Ryan's career isn't going to last forever. This could be their best opportunity and they are facing stiff competition in the legendary New England Patriots' Tom Brady. They also will be receiving pressure from a hungry fanbase who go out and do things like this...

That's right. Another one did it. A preemptive Super Bowl champs tattoo. When will these people learn?

The identity of the fan is unknown, but I think this fan should learn from the past mistakes of others. Like the guy who got a Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl LI Champs tattoo, or the dude who got the Cleveland Indians World Series Champs tattoo, or the litany of other people who got silly tattoos like this

This fan just better hope and pray that the might of the Falcons' high-powered offense is more powerful than the coaching moxie of Bill Belichick and the offensive genius of Tom Brady and co. Should be a good game regardless.

Actually, even if the Falcons end up hoisting up their first Lombardi Trophy at the end of the game this tattoo will still be a regrettable mistake. First, I hate to break it to this huge fan, but Super Bowl is two words, not one. Secondly, why in the world is that falcon wearing a dopey little crown? If there is any silver lining for this fella, it looks like that forest of hair should grow back and cover the poorly thought out tattoo in no time.

If I could impart some words of wisdom here — People. Please just wait until AFTER the game to get your tattoos. Or just get a general "I'm a fan of this team" tattoo. Don't try to be ballsy and funny with your predictions. You might end up looking like a jackass instead.

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