Australia's Best Neo Traditional Tattoo Artists

Australia's Best Neo Traditional Tattoo Artists

These artists even rival some of the world's best!

In a sea of thousands of online neo traditional artists, it can be hard to spot the ones that live anywhere near you. The joy of potentially finding THE perfect artist almost always turns to disappointment when you discover that they're located half a world away. This is the daily struggle for Australian tattoo collectors, so here's another post for my fellow Aussies.

If you're looking for the best neo traditional tattoo artist for you, this list could come in handy. 

Jasmin Austin - Adorned Empire, Western Australia

There's always a sense of drama with Jasmin Austin's tattoos due to her preferred color palette. If you enjoy the darker, decorative side to neo traditional tattooing, take a look at more of her work here

Neo traditional candle and candle stick tattoo by Jasmin Austin. #neotraditional #candle #eye #candlestick #flame #JasminAustin

Matt Curzon - Empire Collective, Victoria.

Coming off his big win at the recent Australian International Tattoo Expo in Perth, Matt Curzon's profile is on the rise in neo traditional tattooing.

See more of Matt's work here

Rachi Brains - Black Throne Tattoo, Queensland

Rachi's illustrative line work adds a unique element to her neo traditional tattoos which makes them stand out from the crowd. 

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Neo traditional astrological themed piece for a client on the Leo-Virgo cusp. Tattoo by Rachi Brains. #neotraditional #illustrative #sketchy #leo #lion #virgo #astrology #RachiBrains

Jeff Snow - Fremantle, Western Australia

Jeff Snow really embraces the occult and all things dark and mysterious in his work, especially with his neo trad lady and gent tattoos. 

Moon child tattoo by Jeff Snow. #neotraditional #moonchild #moon #woman #JeffSnow

Kitty Dearest - The Black Mark Tattoo Studio, Victoria.

Kitty Dearest is all about adorable neo traditional tattoos that will surely put a smile on your face. For more cute and cuddly tattoos click here.

Little duck in a teacup. Tattoo by Kitty Dearest. #neotraditional #teacup #duck #cute #KittyDearest

Clare Clarity - Hot Copper Studio, Victoria.

Fruit, flora and fauna are common themes in Clare Clarity's work, all of which pair perfectly with her signature neo traditional style. 

Sleepy panda tattoo by Clare Clarity. #panda #fruit #flowers #neotraditional #ClareClarity

Sam Clark - Private Studio, Queensland

Sam Clark retains the bold outlines of traditional tattoos and adds intense color saturation to create his impressive neo traditional pieces. For more of his work, click here.

Hannah Flowers - Ink Slave Tattoos, Tasmania

Tasmanians often miss out on a lot of things the rest of us on the mainland get to enjoy, but they're fortunate enough to have the talented tattooer, Hannah Flowers at their disposal. 

View more of Hannah Flowers' tattoos here

Emily Rose Murray - Private Studio, Victoria

Emily Rose Murray is the tattoo darling of the internet with almost 300-thousand Instagram followers. They've all fallen in love with her art nouveau influenced neo traditional tattoos. 

Click here for more of Emily Rose Murray's tattoos. 

Woman, wolf and flowers neo traditional thigh piece by Emily Rose Murray. #neotraditional #artnouveau #EmilyRoseMurray #wolf #woman #flowers

Katilin Greenwood - Adorned Empire, Western Australia.

While most neo traditional tattooers prefer color, Kaitlin Greenwood produces beautiful pieces in both color and in black and grey. View more of her work here

Bird and flowers tattoo by Kaitlin Greenwood. #neotraditional #flora #fauna #bird #flowers #KaitlinGreenwood

Justin Acca - Devil's Ink Tattoo, Victoria. 

Justin Acca's large scale neo traditional tattoos generally take a turn for the dark side, with imagery ranging from skulls to zombies and everything in between. Check out his creative sleeves and back pieces here

A selection of Justin Acca's neo traditional tattoos. #neotraditional #JustinAcca #bird #parrot #owl #skull

Ebony Mellowship - South West Tattoo, Western Australia

Ebony Mellowship's neo traditional tattoos are always bold and beautiful no matter what the theme or imagery - see for yourself here

Neo traditional patronus tattoo by Ebony Mellowship. #HarryPotter #patronus #deer #wizard #EbonyMellowship

Tim Tavaria - Victims of Ink, Victoria

Tim Tavaria injects some styled realism elements and techniques to create these brilliant and special animal tattoos. View more of his neo traditional tattoos here

Doe and stag tattoo by Tim Tavaria. #deer #stag #doe #neotraditional #TimTavaria

Eddy Lou - FLT Tattoo Studio, New South Wales

When she's not working her magic with illustrative blackwork tattoos, Eddy Lou is busy creating stunning neo traditional tattoos, usually featuring flora and fauna. 

Bees and honey tattoo by Eddy Lou. #bees #insect #honey #neotraditional #EddyLou

Who is your favorite Australian neo traditional tattoo artist? 

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