Authentic and Stunning: Japanese Tattoos by Horitatsu

Authentic and Stunning: Japanese Tattoos by Horitatsu

Solid bold Japanese style tattoos! Gotta love the economy of design in Horitatsu's brilliant tattoos!

Japanese tattooing has evolved through the years. In today's tattoo scene, the neo Japanese has become intensely popular, especially to young collectors. But despite this trend blowing up, it is a really heart warming feeling to see that classic bold and straightup knee to the balls powerful look of old school Japanese style tattoos alive and kicking.

Beautiful and stunning dragon sleeves by Horitatsu. #Horitatsu #japanesestyle #irezumi #Japanesetattoo #kyoto #osaka #dragon #ryu

Horitatsu is a seasoned tattoo artist from Japan who creates solid, bold and authentic Japanese style tattoos. Most of his work is done in Kyoto and Osaka.

The approach that Horitatsu takes to his tattooing is reminiscent of old school Japanese tattooing, back when these tattoos used to cover up criminal marks and were used used as talismen for protection. Horitatsu shies away from the new school look of Japanese tattoos and embraces the simple, direct and bold look of this century-old tattoo style.

Awesome Raijin sleeve tattoo by Horitatsu. #Horitatsu #japanesestyle #irezumi #Japanesetattoo #kyoto #osaka #raijin

With beautiful images from Japanese folk lore such as dragons, flowers, animals and deities, the authentic look of Horitatsu's tattoos holds true to their roots. Bold and thick lining is one thing that makes the tattoos such powerful visuals. This, combined with vibrant colors and masterful shading techniques, is an undisputed formula for a timeless and undying art form.

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Rad sleeve tattoo with sakuras and noh masks. Solid work by Horitatsu. #Horitatsu #japanesestyle #irezumi #Japanesetattoo #kyoto #osaka #hannya #nohmasks

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