Autumnal Inspired American Traditional Work by Leonie New

Autumnal Inspired American Traditional Work by Leonie New

A heartbreakingly beautiful take on the age old style.

Why does it always seem like some of our favorite artists, the ones that we’re just dying to get a piece from, are always the ones that live halfway across the world? Lydia Marier is in Montreal, Zelina Reissinger is in Germany, and one of our latest favorites, Leonie New, is out of Melbourne, Australia. Sigh. Why can’t they ever just be around the corner? 

Ah well, we suppose the upside to this inevitable dilemma is that it gives you much more time to ruminate, revise, and revisit just exactly what type of tattoo you’d like from them. With no plans of traveling in the foreseeable future, we’re sorry to say that you might just have to travel to Melbourne to get at one of New’s pieces, but in the grand scheme of things, a 24 hour flight is a small price to pay for a lifetime of beautiful ink.

Tattooing out of Chapel Tattoo, which is coincidentally home to another of our favorites — Jaclyn Rehe, New’s work is a beautiful take on the American traditional style. Using wonderfully warm colors, and highly feminine motifs like hearts, flowers and birds, New’s portfolio is some of the most beautiful traditional work we’ve ever seen. While we’ve seen countless versions of American traditional tattoos, what sets her’s apart is the autumnal glow that emanates from each piece.

Using golden yellows, rich reds, and softer blacks and greys, New creates a visually stunning color palette. This combined with the highly feminine undertones that run throughout the body of her work, make for a uniquely warm and inviting piece that’s somehow both solid (as in, it will absolutely stand the test of time) as well as soft. The end result? A beautifully vintage feel that’s reminiscent of 1970’s fabric in both tone and subject.

While it’s true that New and Chapel Tattoo are both a solid 24 hour plane ride away, from New York at least, Melbourne has never looked better. Because to be honest, where else are you going to find an artist whose understanding of color and femininity shine through in the most pleasant color palette?

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