Awesome Creepy Black Tattoos by Simon Erl

Awesome Creepy Black Tattoos by Simon Erl

These dark and devilish solid bangers are the brilliant creations of London based tattooer Simon Erl.

The dark and gruesome genre of tattooing is covered in many different illustrative styles. But my personal favorite among it's diverse looks is the funky traditional bold style of tattooing. Such is the work of Simon Erl.

Simon Erl is a solid tattooer who works and tattoos in Dharma Tattoo located in London. The tough and bold look of his black tattoos are undeniably lovable for dark classic tattoo collectors.

Unlike the dark tattoos of Paul Booth and realistic gruesome imagery of Bob Tyrell, these tattoos by Simon Erl are folksy, solid and impactful.

The simple and predictable nature of his art makes it much more witty and dark. Playing around with skulls, knives and demons in his tattoos, dark imagery done under this style truly appeals to the collectors who love gruesome imagery and bold solid tattoos.

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