Awesome Faceless Pop Culture Tattoos by Jay Joree

Awesome Faceless Pop Culture Tattoos by Jay Joree

We've all seen those funky faceless tattoos and now you're going to see the pop culture take on them!

Tattoo artist Jay Joree creates the coolest faceless tattoos of our favorite pop culture heroes!!

Faceless tattoos are a popular contemporary design that is exactly as it sounds- a tattoo of a faceless person. Now usually the face is filled with a number of designs, from landscapes to geometric patterns but artist Jay Joree has a brilliant pop culture themed alternative. The faceless tattoos of Joree all have an awesome theme, be it Star Wars, Dr. Who or Batman. 

Each faceless tattoo by Joree is special and definitely a design to give you some true ink envy. Remember to show Joree some love and appreciation over on Instagram once you've fallen for her awesome faceless tattoos!

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