Awesome Illustrative and Dotwork Tattoos by Pavlo Balytskyi

Awesome Illustrative and Dotwork Tattoos by Pavlo Balytskyi

Illustrative and dotwork tattoos always look better in black!

Pavlo Balytskyi, tattooing out of Krakow, Poland, is a dark artist with a great eye for detail. 

Polish tattoo artist Pavlo Balytskyi has an eye for dark blackwork tattoos, especially illustrative and dotwork designs. The talented tattooer puts incredible detail and quality into his tattoos with every piece helping to define his style. Whether it's a deep illustrative design packed with amazing linework or a subtle dotwork piece, Balytskyi doesn't fail to deliver.  

An artist offering all kinds of inspiration, Balytskyi covers three solid styles - blackwork, dotwork and illustrative - and even combines the three into a single tattoo! 

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