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Awesome Simpsons Tattoos by Melanie Milne

Awesome Simpsons Tattoos by Melanie Milne

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Springfield's finest residents are brought to life by Melanie Milne!

The Simpsons tattoosof Milne are some of the best cartoon tattoos you'll see.

Pop culture tattoos are insanely popular right now and for good reason, but few pop culture designs have the love and support like Simpsons tattoos do! Something about Homer, Bart and co in ink just clicks with me, their iconic look and character work perfectly as a tattoo and at the end of the day who doesn't love the Simpsons. 

Although when it comes to Simpsons tattoos one name sits at the top, Melanie Milne. Tattooing from Love, Death, Faith Tattoo, Sydney, Milne has a bright pop culture style you're sure to love, but it's her Simpson tattoos that shine through more than others. Including fan favorites, oddball characters and of course Homer, Milne's Simpsons tattoos are some of the best!

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 All photos from Melanie's Instagram

Robert Davies
Written byRobert Davies

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