Axolotl Tattoos. Exotic. Slimy. Adorable.

Axolotl Tattoos. Exotic. Slimy. Adorable.

Who would have thought tattoos of Mexican salamanders could be so popular?

Today we’re going to be taking a look at another one of god’s most interesting design choices, the axolotl. These tiny little cuties are a subspecies of mole salamanders found only in Mexico, and they are improbably cute. They are so cute that many people the world over have adorned their bodies with axolotl tattoos. Join us now, as we take a peek at some totally rad examples of axolotl tattoos and drop a little knowledge about this curious creature.

Axolotls are amphibians, despite sometimes being called Mexican walking fish. They are unique in the world of amphibians as they reach adulthood without undergoing any sort of metamorphosis. Where most other amphibians will develop lungs and trade the life aquatic for the land, axolotls keep their gills and continue to live in the water. This lack of metamorphosis is known as neoteny. One can actually induce metamorphosis in the axolotl by injecting it with iodine.

These cute little critters are native to only two lakes in the entire world, Lake Chalco and Lake Xochimilco. Sadly for them, Lake Chalco no longer exists and Lake Xochimilco is now but a series of canals after hundreds of years of development of Mexico City right on top of the damn thing. Couple this with the introduction of several non-native species of fish that find the axolotl to be delicious, and you’ve got yourself a critically endangered species.

But who can blame those non-native fish? The Aztecs also found the axolotl to be quite a tasty treat, as it was a staple of their diet. Aside from providing sustenance, axolotls are also very useful for scientific research due to their ability to regrow limbs.

But above all things, these Mexican salamanders are super fucking cute. That goes a long way in explaining why there are so many axolotl tattoos. So let’s check out some shining examples of another adorable animal that will only exist in tattoo form when it inevitably goes extinct.

Boy, those axolotl tattoos sure are something. Join us next time when we lift your spirits by introducing you to another new cute exotic animal and then crush said spirits when we tell you they are about to go extinct.

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