Baam Takes Us Into Micro Space

Baam Takes Us Into Micro Space

These micro tattoos of outer space really make things easier for us.

Enjoy this gallery of tattoos celebrating the many wonders of the cosmos by Baam as we take a second to ponder what it would be like to boldly go where no one has gone before. 

Imagine that you are blasting off. You hear the countdown reach zero as a rocket is about to send you hurling into outer space. The great unknown awaits you. The final frontier. As you zoom out of Earth's atmosphere you look around and see nothing but the vast void of space. Eternal darkness. It seems to never end. 

It's poetic, really. All your life you've been thinking of yourself as a grand character in the world. You are the star of your own movie, the movie of your life. Everyone else is a secondary character, there to support you in your never-ending adventures. You go about your life with this mentality.

Until now.

Shoot through the moon. (via IG - #microtattoo #space #planet #moon #smalltattoo

As you surge further and further into the darkness, you realize something. This isn't your story. This isn't anyone's story. You aren't a main character, hell you're barely even an extra. You look down at your home planet and realize that the time you are spending on it may seem significant to you, but in actuality, you are just a grain of sand on a beach. A raindrop in an ocean.

It all starts to come together. Life is far more meaningful and meaningless at the same time. You realize that you only have this one life to live, so you better make the most of it. At the same time you understand that "making the most of it" is only a tiny blip in the history of this great universe. There is only so much you can do, only so much you can discover, and even if you unearth some profound meaning that no one ever thought possible, it may all be forgotten tomorrow.

That's the power of space, really. Explorers look up at the sky, longing for a better life, longing for a discovery, a frontier to embark on, but once you're up, you can't even realize what you're seeing. Everything in your life seems trivial, every decision you made that caused you stress, every argument, every relationship, it all doesn't matter. The universe chugs along, and will continue to chug along without you. 

The universe doesn't need you, it barely needs our planet. Meanwhile, you're over here arguing about whether Star Wars is a science fiction or fantasy film. This is what you think is important? This is what you put effort into? This is what gets your heart racing, glands sweating, and brain firing?

Not anymore.

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Phases of the moon. (via IG - #microtattoo #space #planet #moon #smalltattoo

You see, the majesty of space is that it helps you realize the glory of it all. Sure, you may be recognized as a hero to some, an enemy to others, but in the grand scheme of things, you are a nothing. Well, I won't say nothing, you're barely anything, and those problems you think you have today may erode in the morning, and the universe will think nothing of it.

You look around at your co-pilots, wondering if they are having the same feelings as you. You wonder if they've had this "Aha!" moment. You wonder what a significant part they play in your life and what role you have in theirs. Will you make an impact? Do you even register on their radar? Is it even conceivable that four people rocketing through space could make a difference?

Floating away. (via IG - #microtattoo #space #planet #moon #smalltattoo #astronaut

Just as this sentiment starts to resonate with you, something happens. Something doesn't feel right. The ship is no longer surging through space, penetrating the sky. It's rumbling, it's angry. We were off to explore space, but space had other plans.

Space is punishing us for our hubris. We were destined to live on this planet, so why are we venturing out from our home? We are a baby climbing out of its crib, and space is ready to show us our place.

The engines are burning up, fire is breaking through the cabin. Emergency sirens are sounding, but they don't seem to mean much anymore. So often we cling to this life because we believe we are important, but these four astronauts just lived through a mind-altering experience. We are too damned to live. We accept our fate.

Compass. (via IG - #microtattoo #space #planet #moon #smalltattoo

Pieces of our ship begin littering the universe like a confetti that celebrates space's grand victory over us. Our ship, falling apart, is doing its best to keep us alive for a few more moments. We know it won't hold. We know we only have a finite amount of time before we become one with the universe, we become one with the void.

You take off your helmet. You never found it to be very comfortable, anyway, and if you're going out, you're going out in comfort. You aren't fighting destiny, but embracing it. You are making sure you fulfill your fate, never once running away from it. You are one with the universe. You are one with the cosmos.

Rocketing to the cosmos. (via IG - #microtattoo #space #planet #moon #smalltattoo

The ship burns up. It's funny, somehow in space's eternal cold, this fire exists in our fuselage. As it tears away layers of the aircraft, you simultaneously feel the heat and the bitter cold reaching for the nape of your neck. You accept this. It's all going to plan. You look around, and your friends, your coworkers, your colleagues are doing the same.

There is nothing to do but accept it. No more fighting. No more arguing. No more resistance. Just embracing the eternal void that you are now one with.

Space scene. (via IG - #microtattoo #space #planet #moon #smalltattoo

The void takes you. It swaddles you in all of her glory, and as you look down at your former home, you know that you are in a better place. You have become one with the universe, and that is the only gift that you could ever want.

Tattoos by Baam. Follow Baam on Instagram for more micro tattoos like these.

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