Babes Any Guy Would Be Lucky To Have by Ryan Cooper Thompson

Babes Any Guy Would Be Lucky To Have by Ryan Cooper Thompson

This uniquely skilled tattooist has the ability to create the ladies of every man's dream.

Let's face it, a big motivation for people to do just about anything is to make themselves more attractive to a potential mate. This is especially true for guys. Guys will do just about anything in order to impress a lady. They'll buy a fancy car, a giant house, some guys will even take up learning magic on the off chance he'll find a lady that's into that shit.

Ryan Cooper Thompson is a tattoo artist that designs ladies that just about any guy would love to impress. Any dude would be lucky to have one of these ladies in his life, or tattooed on his body.

This vegan tattooer is an expert of the traditional style and works out of Portland, Oregon. He uses all vegan pigments and products to add that special touch to your ink. So, not only is Thompson a phenomenal artist, but he also cares about animals and what you put into your body. 

He's been tattooing since 2004 and after a period of traveling the road, doing tattoos wherever he wants, he calls Scapegoat Tattoo his home.

Follow Thompson on Instagram and find the babe of your dreams. Or at least get one tattooed on you.

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