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Babes for Days: Lady Head Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

Babes for Days: Lady Head Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

Tattoo Ideas2 min Read

Lady head tattoos are super traditional, but these days they are crossing styles and blowing minds.

There are few traditional motifs that are as captivating and powerful as the lady head. Lady head tattoos have been done time and time again, and we think we understand why: because they're always hella fine lookin ladies. Lady head tattoos are one of those things that can totally change and become something completely different under the hands of different artists. Because the concept is so open, artists are easily able to infuse the tattoo with their own style and aesthetic. It's also really cool when the artists build a personality for their can just tell sometimes that the artist put a lot of thought into the design, and the lady really shines.

Rose Hardy's piece takes the traditional lady head tattoo to gorgeous heights with her impeccable mix of realism, traditional, and neotraditional. All of the details are perfect...the headdress, the ravens, the jewels, and even the way the ladies hair floats on the skin. Even though it's a work of art, the lady has enough fire within to hold your gaze for days. David Peyote's piece is a work of perfect surrealism as per usual...his style is so defined, yet he continues to break boundaries with his use of color, shape, and design. He's actually asked in the past that more people get ladies, although...we hope he continues to do Rick and Morty tattoos until the end of, if you're looking to get a totally wild freaky deaky lady head tattoo, you know one awesome artist who is definitely down.

As with all of our Tattoo of the Day posts we try to gather all of the styles under one umbrella...we like to see how different artists are interpreting different concepts, and these lady head tattoos are no different. From traditional with Shaun Topper to modern and sleek with Welfare Dentist, we even have old school feels with Tamara Santibanez and insanely colorful Cyndi Lauper weirdness by Charline Bataille. We think everyone will find something here that they'll love but if you don't, we have an incredible archive of the best tattoos just for you! Hit us up if you want to find an artist to do that super gorgeous lady head tattoo for ya!

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