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Baby, Let's Get Wasted: Drink Tattoos

Baby, Let's Get Wasted: Drink Tattoos

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Take a mini vacation and get a lil toasted with these sweet Drink Tattoos.

Sure, the weekend is over...but that doesn't mean that as soon as it hits 5pm today we won't be running over to our favorite bar to sling back a few with our favorite regulars and bar keep. For those of you who are big drinkers, cocktail mixers, bad ass bartenders, and even for those of you who just like to kick back a couple with friends on the weekends, we raise this glass to you: drink tattoos for everyone! We've collected these tasty alcoholic beverages just for you to enjoy on this dreary Monday.

Recently we read the book "The History of the World in Six Glasses." It spanned the human connection with drinks, and not just alcoholic goodness, but tea, coke, and coffee too! These drink tattoos in this collection are a visual reminder that our relationship with drink, and food, goes real deep...scientists can trace booze cultivation back about 9,000 years! And if you think about it, even some of the social rituals we engage in today come from way back...think about this every time you cheers your friends with drink in hand. That particular action has been around for a long time, and some say was actually invented to show good faith when drinking with someone in days when poisoning drinks was the norm. These drink tattoos don't contain any arsenic...we'd cheers you, but...that's sort of impossible through a screen.

Alcohol beverages have even been used as forms of payment. The slaves in Egypt that built the pyramids are perfect examples of people who worked for bread, and beer. Alcohol is a mainstay in almost every culture, and we're glad that there are people out there who turn their love for liquor into incredible tattoos. Check out the piece by our Tattoodo Ambassador, Guen Douglas. She's a master of these drink tattoos! 

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