Back To The Black Lodge With Twin Peaks Tattoos

Back To The Black Lodge With Twin Peaks Tattoos

The owls may not be what they seem, but these tattoos are just what you’d expect from Twin Peaks fans

Sometimes, the best things in life go away for a quarter of a century and then return unexpectedly. No, we’re not talking about my alcoholic father, but rather one of the best TV shows of the ‘90s – Twin Peaks, the much beloved mystery from the mind of David Lynch. Last night saw the first new episode of Twin Peaks in 26 years and we just have to drop everything to cover this important pop cultural phoenix the only way we know how – with some totally radical Twin Peaks tattoos.

Twin Peaks premiered on April 8th, 1990. The show focused on an investigation into to the death of teenager Laura Palmer and got weird faster than any first date any of us have ever gone on. An enraptured nation watched as FBI agent Dale Cooper tried to get to the bottom of that particular mystery with things getting stranger at every turn.

The show was great at raising questions, but not so much at answering them. After the series’ cancelation after season two, the world waited with bated breath for resolution to the show’s multitude of mysteries. Lynch gave fans a full length feature film, Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me, after the series’ untimely end, but surprise, surprise it just raised even more questions.

Now Twin Peaks is back and it’s weirder than ever. The premiere only added further questions to the pile and now we’re all hooked like it’s 1990 again. Hopefully this time we get some solid resolution, but we aren’t holding our breath on that one. At least our favorite characters are back in our lives again. Kyle MacLachlan has returned to his most famous role as Dale Cooper and honestly that’s all that really matters to us. We’d watch that guy do his taxes for three hours.

In celebration of this monumental resurrection, we just had to roll out the Twin Peaks tattoos. The series is so beloved that we could pivot and exist solely as a Twin Peaks tattoo publication for the rest of the year. We ran the idea by our sponsors, and they weren’t super into it. Enjoy these tattoos dedicated to one of the most unique and innovative TV shows of all time.

These Twin Peaks tattoos just serve to illustrate the series’ rabid fandom. With devotion like this, it just makes sense that Twin Peaks is back. And now all we can do is sit back and see where David Lynch takes us next. It’s a ride we are all super thankful to be taking again.

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