Badass Lettering Tattoos by Vince Le

Badass Lettering Tattoos by Vince Le

Freehand style and killer script come into play with tattoo artist Vince Le.

The perfect source of lettering inspiration, the work of Vince Le is on point!

Las Vegas tattoo artist Vince Le is all about dark script and freehand designs, and damn does he do it well. Le's bold lettering tattoos are some of the best tattoo work to come out of Sin City and I think you'll agree. His bold style has a dark feel to it that gives his lettering a savage edge and a look that's hard to replicate. He also has an amazing eye for placement, knowing exactly where to lay the design down to bring out its best. Demonstrating how lettering tattoos are just as good as any other tattoo style, the work of Le will leave you loving script and in desperate need of your own dark lettering. 

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Images from Instagram.

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