Badass Weaponry Tattoos by Henry Lewis

Badass Weaponry Tattoos by Henry Lewis

Henry Lewis is building an ink armory with these awesome weapon tattoos!

They may not kill you but these weapon tattoos are still intimidating. 

Weapon tattoos are a classic design- knives, daggers, swords and pistols have been recreated countless times in ink, but Henry Lewis lays down a weapon tattoo better than most! Using a bold, dramatic style, Lewis draws heavily on traditional tattooing but gives it a striking makeover. The colors, shapes, shades and depth he puts into his weapon tattoos takes them into their own league. 

As badass as you'd expect, Lewis' weapon tattoos make for some intimidating, yet inspiring viewing. The brutal nature of the designs only adds to the effect and they'll leave you craving your own ink armory in no time! 

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