Baltic Hand Poked Tattoos by Wsciekly Kot

Baltic Hand Poked Tattoos by Wsciekly Kot

Historic techniques and designs are coming back for our viewing pleasure.

Based in Olsztyn, in Poland, Wsciekly Kot (which can be translated to "angry cat") only does black tattoos.

This artist is fascinated by ancient techniques and traditional patterns. With handpoking, Wsciekly Kot recreates designs from Baltic culture, as well as other Nordic and Slavic arts. His lines and dots are delicate, playing with geometry and minimalism. Yet, his tribute to old civilizations is truly powerful. There is a lot of poetry in the work of Wsciekly Kot as well, bridging the past with contemporary tattoo lovers. And, the icing on the cake: his designs are truly inspiring.

These mermaid tattoos are just gorgeous:

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All pictures are from Wsciekly Kot's Facebook and Instagram.

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