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Bang Bang Chats About His Celeb Clients and the Ones Who Tattooed Him

Bang Bang Chats About His Celeb Clients and the Ones Who Tattooed Him

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Keith McCurdy has made a name for himself by tattooing some of the brightest stars in Hollywood, and now he's talking about the experience.

If you know anything about tattooing or celebrities, Keith "Bang Bang" McCurdy's name has probably come up. The popular New York City tattoo artist has tattooed tons of celebrities, from Justin Bieber to Katy Perry to Miley Cyrus. He's made a name for himself by tattooing these celebrities, and in an interview with Fox News Magazine, he talks about his experiences with these celebrities.

Bang Bang goes into detail about which celebrities have tattooed his skin, and which ones he thinks could actually make a living as a professional tattoo artist.

He also goes more in depth about his working relationship with Justin Bieber, who he is most notably linked to.

It's very interesting to see this side of the tattoo artist, speaking candidly about his clients. It's almost always juicy gossip news when a person dishes on a famous singer/actor, but Bang Bang kept things pretty tame.

I'd love to know who he thought was the worst celebrity tattoo artist, just so we have both sides of the story, you know?

Bang Bang tattooing Lebron James. (via IG - bangbangnyc) #bangbang #lebronjames #celebrities

Bang Bang's celebrity escapades are well documented on his Instagram, so if you're interested in learning more about him and his work, I recommend giving him a follow on the social media site.

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