BANG: Tight And Powerful Bangers with Yutaro

BANG: Tight And Powerful Bangers with Yutaro

The talented Yutaro shows us how it's done with these one-sitting tattoos.

Honest confession: almost every single one of my tattoos are bangers. Not even intentionally, it just panned out that way. I've gotten most of my work while traveling, or my artist was just super booked up. Bangers are particularly fun, because it's an experience to sit in one session for a piece of work. You enter empty, you leave filled. It's wild.

Yutaro, also known as Warriorism, is a master of the Japanese traditional style. His work is staunchly classic, but his own artistry is clear throughout — colors cloud and fade like woodblock prints, lines look like someone took a brush to skin, rather than a needle. Yutaro's craft is clear, and his bangers really exhibit that.

The painterly nature of Japanese traditional is part of what gives this style shape and form. Yes, there are specific motifs and icons that permeate, but it's the how that makes Japanese traditional so special. Lines taper off and fade into one another as if an artist from the Edo period is painting right on his subjects. Yutaro's bangers look as if he's grabbed a calligraphy brush and gone to town.

Yutaro is working out of a new shop, Seven Doors Tattoo, in East London. The shop is just full of talented tattooists, Yutaro among them, and they're worth a visit. Swing by Yutaro's Instagram for more Japanese traditional, bangers and otherwise.

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