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Be Cool, Man: It's Grillin' Time

Be Cool, Man: It's Grillin' Time

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

Barbecue tattoos to inspire you to have some real summer fun.

Yo, grab me one of those brewskis from the cooler — awe yeah. Yeah, yeah, pull up a chair, man, the coals are still getting hot. I know the weather hasn't totally turned warm enough for this yet, but haha!, it's grilling season. Yeah, yeah, we got enough meat and beer for days, dude, days. What about the vegetarians? Those kids can come another day, I'll fire up some tofu or whatever. 

After you've got a few beers in you, we're gonna make some great shish kabobs. I got us all the fixings, plus every type of sausage known to man. Chicken sausage, turkey sausage, pig sausage, cow sausage, pig chicken sausage, sausage sausage. I hope you didn't eat breakfast yet, because we're going real deep here. 

Gas grill? No way, dude, we only use all natural wood chip charcoal here. We want that meat to taste like God intended — smokey, delicious, and burned by a proper man-made fire. None of this propane business. Yeah, we're still waiting for the grill to heat up enough for us not to all get food poisoning, but it's worth it. Have another beer, it'll fill you up but not too much so you can help attack that pile of sausage. That's my man.

Oh yeah, did I mention I got us ground beef too? I know, so much meat, but this here is the start of some real SUMMER, we have to go ALL IN. You can take some home with you, I don't mind, the joy and thrill is in being outdoors with this GRILL! 

Feelin' full? Here, just take a bit of this fresh watermelon. I know, refreshing, right? Palette cleanser extraordinaire, really. You need a to-go bag, too much sausage for one sitting, huh?

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