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Beautiful and Delicate Linework Tattoos by Tattooist Flower

Beautiful and Delicate Linework Tattoos by Tattooist Flower

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Minimalistic linework and blackwork combined with watercolor, pastel and soft tones create these incredible gentle tattoos.

A brilliantly skilled tattooer going by the pseudonym Tattooist Flower, from the capital of South Korea, Seoul, creates some of the nicest linework out there. Using whichever style — black and grey, watercolor, realism, illustrative blackwork — best serves the design, Flower's portfolio is both diverse and impressive.

They are delicate and beautiful pieces, be it small or large, suitable for anyone. An incredibly subtle tattoo style that cannot go unnoticed.

In the piece above, Flower demonstrates how a firm grasp on the curves and lines of the human body can enhance any piece of body art. Yes, the tattoo itself is impressive, but placed anywhere else on the body it wouldn't have nearly the same effect. 

If you can't make your way to South Korea to get any work done by Tattooist Flower, you should at least give her a follow on Instagram.

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