Beautiful and Vibrant Tattoos by Simon Blay

Beautiful and Vibrant Tattoos by Simon Blay

Nothing compares to a clean and solid tattoo. It stands the test of years to come and is a beautiful handcraft for forever on skin.

As the human body ages, so does a tattoo. This is one fact that makes tattoos unlike any other art form. The bold style of tattooing is made for this reason. To make the tattoo look as beautiful as it possibly could for years to come.

Simon Blay is a brilliant and talented tattoo artist from London. He would gladly do awesome walk-ins or you could set an appointment to get tattooed. Whichever way, you get an awesome bright tattoo. He works and tattoos at TLC Tattoo in London.

Rad looking spider skull tattoo by Simon Blay. #SimonBlay #TLCtattoo #TraditionalLondonClan #boldtattoos #spider #skull

Simon Blay's tattoo style could be described as traditional western. The bold and solid look of his tattoos make them look stunning and clean. You can see the tattoo from across the lot. 

The heavy blacks in the tattoo make the vibrant colors stand out. The linework in his tattoos is crisp and clean, this makes a great frame/backbone for any lasting tattoo. The colors that are incorporated in his work are not just the classic red, green and gold used for traditional tattoos, but also the neon and pastel shades as seen in more modern kinds of tattoo styles.

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