Beautiful Black and Grey Tattoos by Tamara Santibanez

Beautiful Black and Grey Tattoos by Tamara Santibanez

A well-rounded artist in multiple disciplines, Santibanez produces wonderful black and grey tattoos.

Tamara Santibanez works at Saved Tattoo in Brooklyn. However, she's not just a tattoo artist - Santibanez is a painter, displaying her work in exhibitions, and also happens to be the founding editor of New York-based publisher Discipline Press

Today we're just looking at her tattoos which you'll see are in black and grey and in various styles. Lettering, neo traditional, traditional, and styled realism tattoos - there's a little bit of everything in Santibanez's portfolio. 

Next time you're in New York, leave Manhattan and head to Brooklyn for tattoo from Tamara Santibanez. 

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