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Beautiful Bold Black Pattern Tattoos by Brody Polinsky

Beautiful Bold Black Pattern Tattoos by Brody Polinsky

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These spontaneous beautiful patterns done by Brody Polinsky make for gorgeous and amazing tattoos!

The way that a tattoo flows and sits on the human body is a big part of the whole composition. No matter how simple or complicated the design is, placement, size, and layout can make or break a tattoo.

Beautiful upper back bold and black tattoo done by Brody Polinsky. #BrodyPolinsky #UNIV_ERSE #blacktattoos #patterntattoo #blackwork

Brody Polinsky is an amazing tattoo artist who works at a studio called UNIV ERSE in Berlin. He's a traveling tattooer who does insane bold black tattoos that adorn the body in an exceptional manner.

Brody Polinsky's approach in composing tattoos is unique. He says that each body is a unique canvas and the tattoos are all made spontaneous and tailored to fit each collector. Whether it's small tattoos or pieces that cover huge parts of the body, these tattoos created by Brody Polinsky never fail to amaze both collectors and fellow artists. The simplicity of his compositions give way to the stunning placements and overall look of the piece. Enjoy these beautiful bold black pattern tattoos by Brody Polinsky!

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Another set of clean and bold feet tattoos done by Brody Polinsky. #BrodyPolinsky #UNIV_ERSE #blacktattoos #patterntattoo #blackwork

Images from Instagram, cover image via Sang Bleu Magazine.

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